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Centrally located near the NSW QLD boarder, Tweed Valley Water Bores  Drills water bores and wells and installs Quality pumping equipment. With over 40 years drilling history to draw from, our qualified drillers have experience in drilling across all major industries, for every conceived purpose. When it comes to drilling, there's nothing we cant handle! Tweed Valley Water Bores is tooled up to complete anything from small private contracts to large scale commercial projects, both local and interstate

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Our specialised service incorporates specific techniques and capabilities that allow us to drill a successful hole pretty much anywhere there is water to be found. Drilling into spring water does not require there to be any signs of water at the surface. We use our experiance to find where to drill water. Our equipment can drill everything from Hard Rock to Coastal sands, so our clients can be secure in knowing that we won't pull out due to difficult drilling conditions. We also provide innovative solutions for irrigation and household use of the water we drill. Our equipment is modern and emits lower carbon emissions by burning, less fuel, cleaner! We achieve this by installing hydrogen to our fleet of drill rigs, trucks and compressors. Burning water to drill water, you cant get better than that! Ata service content

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