Water Well Drilling

How much does a stock/domestic water bore cost?

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The cost of a finished water bore is affected by these factors:
  1. location of the job
  2. Depth drilled
  3. Diameter of casing and class
    • our minimum standard is at least class 9 PVC which is included in the price of a completed bore
  4. Unstable formations that need casing in order to progress bore hole.
  5. Pressure cementing where multiple aquifers are encountered and need separation
  6. Screen selection, Stainless steel or slotted PVC
    • PVC is included in the rate quoted for a complete bore.
    • Stainless steel is charged at cost price plus handling
  7. Development time for mud rotary and air drilled holes.
    • 1 hour air development is included in the price
  8. Pump Required
    • We can supply and install a pump required to complete your water bore

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